OpenSyncro v2.2 released on 27.02.2008

OpenSyncro v2.2 adds support for processing arbitrarily large SQL query result sets, and brings improvements to using temporary files in iterating integration Pipes, which translates to more scalability options. HTTP components allow setting Content-Type header for requests, and can deal with server responses that specify incorrect or no charset encoding information. Querying customer data by last modification date from a Workspace webshop is now possible. The update includes various bugfixes and resolves a compatibility issue with J2SE 1.6. See Changelog page for a list of significant improvements and bugfixes since v2.1.

The latest version of OpenSyncro is available at the download page. Additionally, the distribution files are hosted at Also by subscribing to OpenSyncro's project you will be notified of new updates to the software.


OpenSyncro is a lightweight, open source enterprise application integration tool written in Java language. It runs on Apache Tomcat application server and stores its configuration data in MySQL database. OpenSyncro is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

OpenSyncro was originally developed for connecting Smilehouse Workspace webshop to other enterprise applications, for example ERP, CRM and SCM systems, but it can be used independently for integrations between other applications, as well as for various data conversion tasks.

Benefits of OpenSyncro in application integration

1) Ready-to-use components for data transfers and data conversions

2) Dynamic component model

3) Logging and error handling

4) 3rd party software Connector Packs available