5 - Use of Connector Pack

This chapter contains a general guide to activate Connector Pack.

The Connector Packs use XSLT to convert data and to perform/apply business logic. Modifying XSLT enables building custom transformations to any desired format. The Converter Components of OpenSyncro makes it possible to convert other formats to XML, for example by using ASCIItoXML or CSVtoXML converters.

Usually it takes 3-4 working days to configure and test data transfers depending on complexity of interfaces and transferred data.

Activation of different Connector Packs involves different configurations.

The following general tasks are usually needed:

5.1 - Setting up source and destination systems

The first step is usually to synchronize the values of both systems. It may contain setting up parameters like product properties, customer groups, shipping methods, payment methods, prices, VAT codes and so on.

The second step is to make the ends recognize that information. So mapping is needed. It connects parameters with different names.

The third step is to set up locations and destinations of different protocols like FTP, HTTP and JDBC. Also special conditions can be defined, for example what happens if product group is unknown.

5.2 - Setting up OpenSyncro Pipes

First step to do is to create new OpenSyncro Pipes (see: Pipe list ).

Second step is to set the configurations of Pipes and test the integration proses (see: Pipe editor and Transfer log ).

The third step is to build up automation by setting up a schedule of Pipes to import/export data (see: Pipe editor ).