OpenSyncro v2.2 released

OpenSyncro v2.2 adds support for processing arbitrarily large SQL query result sets, and brings improvements to using temporary files in iterating integration Pipes, which translates to more scalability options. HTTP components allow setting Content-Type header for requests, and can deal with server responses that specify incorrect or no charset encoding information. Querying customer data by last modification date from a Workspace webshop is now possible. The update includes various bugfixes and resolves a compatibility issue with J2SE 6.0.


OpenSyncro v2.1 released

OpenSyncro v2.1's new built-in components make it possible to access multiple Web Services in a single Pipe and to easily capture data at any point in the integration process. A component for exporting customer data from a Workspace webshop has also been added. Improved Transfer log viewer allows faster browsing of very long log entries. OpenSyncro now supports installation on MySQL 5.0 database. New third party Connector Packs are available for integrations with QuickBooks, online market places such as Google Base and eBay, and enterprise applications with support for Finvoice XML format.


OpenSyncro v2.0 released

OpenSyncro version 2.0 has been released today. Building real-time integration processes is now easier with the introduction of asynchronous remote invocation of data transfer pipes, based on a persistent and fault tolerant execution request queue. User interface improvements include 'Start' and 'Clone' buttons in the Pipe List view along with new summary information of a pipe's last execution, in both Pipe List and the Pipe Editor. Email notifications can now be sent when a pipe's data transfer is aborted without an error. Improvements to the built-in components include HTTPS support to HTTPSource and HTTPDestination, and sending SOAP messages with HTTPDestination. New third party Connector Packs are available for integrations with NetBaron, ProCountor, Econet 2000, SugarCRM, Google Base and eBay.


OpenSyncro v1.3 released

OpenSyncro version 1.3 released today features an email notification option for alerting administrators of error and warning messages resulting from an integration pipe execution. New built-in pipe components enable processing of arbitrarily large XML files and sending data to the destination system through HTTP GET, POST and PUT requests. It is also possible to import contract pricing and sales order XML data to a Smilehouse Workspace webshop. Furthermore, when exporting orders with a Hibernate query (HQL) as a selection criteria, payment and handling status of an order in Workspace can be updated. OpenSyncro 1.3 introduces a "dynamic logging" mode to help restrict the growth of transfer log by dropping detailed debug messages from those pipe executions which have completed without errors. Installation of multiple OpenSyncro instances with different database and external component configurations on one application server is now supported.


OpenSyncro v1.2 released

OpenSyncro version 1.2 has been released. New built-in components enable connecting to databases using a JDBC driver, downloading files from HTTP servers and processing text files (e.g. CSV tables) larger than the available free memory. Exporting XML data from a Smilehouse Workspace webshop has become more versatile with the introduction of Hibernate query (HQL) components. Also, third party Connector Packs for integrating of Workspace webshops to Compiere and Exact ERP systems are now available.


OpenSyncro v1.1 released

OpenSyncro version 1.1 has been released as Open Source under GNU General Public License. OpenSyncro v1.1 extends the built-in adapter selection with 3 new components which improve processing of complete directories of data at once, allow generation of multiple files as output and add support for XSLT 2.0 compatible XML transformations. Now it is also possible for Java programmers to create external OpenSyncro components for adding connectivity to new enterprise applications, databases and in-house systems.


OpenSyncro v1.0 released

OpenSyncro version 1.0 has been released and it is available for free download. OpenSyncro is a lightweight enterprise application integration tool with a web based user interface. OpenSyncro was originally developed for connecting Smilehouse Workspace to other enterprise applications, for example ERP, CRM and SCM systems, but it can be used independently for integrations between other applications, as well as for various data conversion tasks.


New OpenSyncro website published

A new OpenSyncro website has been published. The site now contains full OpenSyncro User Manual and Technical WhitePaper documents available for download. Other improvements include a Roadmap page with information about planned features and release schedule of the next OpenSyncro versions. Also an FAQ section has been added.


OpenSyncro v0.9 beta released

The first beta test version 0.9 of OpenSyncro has been released. It is made available to all Smilehouse customers and partners interested in testing a new integration tool for connecting Smilehouse Workspace to other enterprise applications.