OpenSyncro v2.3

Release: Q4/2009. Features planned:

  • Converter component for XML Schema validation
  • support for iterative execution mode in all built-in components

OpenSyncro v2.4

Release: Q2/2010. Features planned:

  • creating webservices:
    • new Source component to read Pipe input from HTTP remote start call
    • new Destination component to return Pipe output data as a response to the HTTP remote start caller
  • support for run-time modification of Component parameters (e.g. file name, database name or URL)


27.02.2008: OpenSyncro v2.2 released

20.02.2007: OpenSyncro v2.1 released

30.06.2006: OpenSyncro v2.0 released

31.03.2006: OpenSyncro v1.3 released

29.12.2005: OpenSyncro v1.2 released


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